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G.K.Enterprises - A complete solutions for wall painting and schools accessories

We have the work for specially kids and children according to their taste.
we have variety of services for all related field for kids
  • Kids room design
  • Kids room wall art
  • Kids room painting
  • Kids room mural art
  • Kids room creativity
  • Kids room wall artist
  • Kids room mural wall
  • Kids room wall painting
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  • Interior decoration for kids room
  • Children room design
  • Children room wall art
  • Children room painting
  • Children room mural art
  • Children room creativity
  • Children room wall artist
  • Children room mural wall
  • Children room wall painting
  • Children room wall decoration
  • Childrenr decoration for kids room
  • Kids Room Painting
  • School Painting
  • Hotel wall painting
  • Ceiling Painting
  • Pencil Sketch


Children's Wall Art - Unlike traditionally framed pictures, with our children's wall art letters there is no glass to break. No worries about shattering glass in a child's room, no scratched or foggy plastic substitute. The children's artwork letters sparkles behind a protective laminated surface that is easy to clean with spray glass cleaner.

Most parents are not interested in collecting Children's Wall Art, just decorating a child's room. But not only do our children's wall art pieces add the perfect compliment to any room, they encourage imagination and artwork appreciation; a combination that will give you and your kids delight for years to come.

Decorative Wall Painting is an ingenious art form where surfaces like walls are used to the best possible effect. It is a systematic art form, which engages our creative impulses very effectively.

The act of Painting on walls can be traced back to prehistoric times. For ages human beings have tried to make his surrounding aesthetically pleasing, and Decorative Wall Paintings addresses that very impulse.

  1. Kids Room Painting
  2. School Painting
  3. hotel wall painting
  4. Cieling Painting
  5. Pencil Sketch
  6. Texture Paint
  7. Plastic Paint

Plain colors may look dull and boring for sometime. You can create focal points in your home and make it look attractive and interesting by the use of patterns and textures, while maintaining the harmony and synchronization in your home d├ęcor

Dragging a brush over a freshly painted surface, is a popular effect for woodwork as well as walls. Latex or semi gloss enamel can be used on walls, semi gloss only on woodwork. This effect requires two people working together. You need two brushes, one for painting and the other for dragging off the paint. Dragging brush, should be a long bristled wide brush

If you want an artistic masterpiece, velvet paintings are there to feed your aesthetic appetite. Right from Jesus, religious and mythological epics, scenic picturesque, animals and birds to human faces and figures expressing distinct emotions and royal palace and the regal lifestyles of the historic monarchs are all exhibited in velvet paintings. Velvet is a soft fabric with a smooth touch.

PLASTER OF PARIS is an ideal material for making castings. It produces chip resistant casts with a high degree of surface hardness, thus minimizing paint absorption. It can also be used to fill small cracks in plaster surfaces

G.K.Enterprises - A complete solutions for wall painting and schools accessories

We are the India's Leading Company in the Spray wall painting for Play way Schools and Nursery wings.
Since last 20 years we are providing our services in to this field. We have more then thousands of satisfied customers all over India.

We always believe in the innovative techniques and creative approach in the artistic way.G.K.Enterprises is the pioneer enterprise to introduce latest wall painting techniques and themes.We have bunch of core creative and talented artists with us who makes their best for our clients.

Since Year 2000, WALL PAINTING COMPANY G.K.Enterprises has grown into one of India's most trusted and qualified painting companies. In Schools wall painting, we have become one of the leaders in the profession, completing more then 1000 schools in last 10 years, on time and within budget, we never compromised in the quality of WALL PAINTING.

Our Artists are known for their knowledge to complete a project from start to finish. Whether its new drywall and new interior trim work, or repairing old walls and preparing existing woodwork for new finishes, we have the equipment and the know how to get the job done.

We have established relationships with our customers that have lasted throughout the last 10 years, We have enjoyed our repetitive business, getting to know more then thousands of schools in India.

Wall Painting Company G.K.ENTERPRISES was started in year 2000 by GAURAV HASIJA. Who is the core creative person behind all our work.

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